Metal Work (Malta)

Structural Steel Staircase with wood steps

Welcome to Chris Metal Design.

Chris Metal Design is one of Malta’s leading companies specializing in Decorative and Architectural Metal Art. Chris Metal Design is driven with the passion for this creative art. Work, crafted with the utmost attention to detail, is done in love for this old Craftsmanship.

We fabricate wrought iron, stainless steel and Aluminium for residential, commercial and public sites. Our customers include private individuals, companies, architects and designers. We have worked for both individuals and also large companies, and we always did our best for their maximum satisfaction.

The purpose of our work is wide and varied, but as a company it was established to ensure quality. Quality is important in this type of art as we think, it is that which ensures our own satisfaction in our work while also the fulfillment of our customers’ desires.

As mentioned before, work is done in love for the craftsmanship of metal art. From the beginning of existence of this craftsmanship, metal has been used to create both useful and artistic objects. Metal art, in fact, resuscitates in every single person the desire to create. At Chris Metal Design, we create what you would enjoy.

Metal Works (Malta)

Metal Fabrication

We manufacture from small Brackets to Steel structures and work also on the design of architects and designers. We also take care of galvanising and coatings.

Metal Restoration

Restoration of old riveted wrought iron work with the same Craftsmanship of the time and we also repare cast iron work.

Stainless Steel

We manufacture from Small Brackets to balconies and railings. Besides households and industries, we also do stainless steel work for boats and yachts .


Aluminium work includes windows to structures using profiles from NC40 to thermal insulations.

With a minimum of 15 years experience, the four year old company is ever expanding in its work.

Chris Metal Design is even introducing work in UPVC Apertures of German Profile.

Chris Micallef